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Art circle of the most popular these days, is "qianlong imperial seal" event-oil painting

Art circle of the most popular these days, is "qianlong imperial seal" event. A qing qianlong imperial seal an auction house in Paris, France is Chinese buyers to about RMB 160 million race, but nearly a month, have been unable to complete delivery, once also from taobao and waiting for the payment of lost in the message.
A stone up, voice is heard all sorts of criticism. "The good faith to make Chinese people around the world face again." "Scripted play a play, play at home also just, this time a monkey out of true." No matter in which it was finally out of the "play" will be ending, smooth the case that "success is not received payment", there is no doubt that americans in the integrity of the auction market again.
The incident reminiscent easily also a auction in Paris, France in 2009, the xiamen merchants CAI for euro 31.4912 million oil painting after successful photographed yuanmingyuan "heads", citing "unclear origin", not only declared that refused to pay, also thought to participate in the auction is a "patriotic" act. The country.
After seven years, strikingly similar scene again. Online there is no lack of such a voice - this qianlong palace imperial seal is most likely the relics, Chinese businessmen take without payment appears to be a spoiler, but it is a "patriotic". That's the case? From an existing law said, since knowing the objects looted relics, as the Chinese should not participate in the auction, to prevent and recover from the national level, more clearly justified. Such reckless driving up the price of the loss of national treasure, the slightest not conducive to cultural relics backflow. As to compete painting successfully and not timely payment, lost his good faith, is only the "mistake". What about the patriotic?
Back to the auction itself, this also can yet be regarded as a typical case. Participate in bidding, default payment, not a disease has become a domestic auction market. A global art market report shows that despite China's total auction is second only to the United States, but more than one million yuan, and the price is sale and settlement rate famous oil painting is less than half, repeatedly broke astronomical covers market false prosperity.
Auction in arrears balance became the norm of the domestic auction market, almost every auction houses are encountered. Other line take less unpaid auction tens of hundreds of millions of yuan, it is said that more than 2 billion yuan. Still, in recent years have intensified, domestic auction trading accounts for non-payment than from about 50% to 50% in the past two years, five years ago often the price is higher, the higher the probability of payment. Spring in 2011 with 426 million yuan to set the global Chinese contemporary painting clinch a deal the price record of qi baishi "cypress Gao Litu", also failed to escape the fate of "stalled".
Default payment outside several cases: know what I buy items from other sources suspicious or quality, price is a little bit higher, so the heart of regret; The price have no objection to that, just an excuse to keep pressure on a auction company hopes to get a bigger discount; There is a more despicable, some are not going to really start right from the start, keeping to a surprising clinch a deal the data, to realize the hype. However, no matter what type, select the "LaoLai", do not pay are obviously deviated from the principle of good faith.
As early as a few years ago, the industry is put forward to establish the idea of a "blacklist" of default, because fear discourage customer collection of artwork, has failed to materialise. Crowd out cancer, now really to the point of time. Nowadays in the depths of winter of art market, let the buyer inflated price and refuse to pay, as to the art market out add artificial barriers. After all, a good market order is fundamental for the sustainable development of industry, who do not want bad habits become the "last straw" crash over the market.

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Rembrandt armenszoon Van Rijn) was born in Leiden is not far from Amsterdam. Rembrandt's father was a miller, mother's maiden is open a bakery.

Rembrandt, harman pine, the Vatican, reinhard (by Rembrandt armenszoon Van Rijn) was born in Leiden is not far from Amsterdam. Rembrandt's father was a miller, mother's maiden is open a bakery. Three years later, the reformation of more than 40 years of the republic of Spain and the Netherlands, war came to an end, the two sides signed a ceasefire agreement for 12 years. The republic of Netherlands along with young Rembrandt is bound to usher in their golden age. As a teenager, Rembrandt's Amsterdam gathered the European traders, by offering the explorers flocking to India to raise money and the colony of east India company established, they again from India to earn a steady stream of money back to Europe.
In this increasingly affluent republic general protestant, used to decorate luxurious palaces and richly churches needed large paintings are not popular, but still many painters of the customers. Wealthy businessman and a large number of rich middle class life, merchants and wealthy citizens are eager to buy oil painting decorate their homes and offices, don't let one side wall is empty. They regard buying art for granted, at the time of rich home alone often also set a showroom to display paintings and other works of art. Englishman, John, wrote: "here, the pictures are very common, there's not a business don't hang up the pictures." People can buy directly from the painter custom oil painting, can be ordered from HuaDian or buy at auction bidding, at the fair also has stalls selling paintings, in this situation. Close to the real life portraiture, popular genre painting, landscape painting, still lifes, become the main form of the Dutch art. 17 th-century Dutch generated a lot of the painter, the requirement of market and artists in the creation of style, genre, specialized subject.
Oil painting: toby and Anna, painter, Rembrandt, the Vatican, lane
Oil painting: toby and Anna, painter, Rembrandt, the Vatican, lane
Rembrandt's 14 years old to study law at Leiden university, and soon he found himself a lawyer, is not just drop out of school to learn painting. Rembrandt in the first place in the local famous painter Jacob van swan, Boolean hz (Jacob van Swanenburgh) studio to study for three years, after a certain painting foundation, went to Amsterdam, followed by Pieter DE la sterman (Pieter Lastman) learning painting techniques, learn the six months, just returned to the Leiden. Because Rembrandt started, order is not much, he teaches drawing money to open his studio in Leiden, at the same time to create. Rembrandt had as a teenager in Leiden Latin school of religion and interested in the bible, the first work is the bible story, effect under the influence of the teacher pulled sterman, background and bright, but the oil painting reproductions characters is Rembrandt, as strong as sculpture and some piao zhuo, toby, and Anna (Tobit and Anna), "balaam, and he asses" (Balam and His Donkey) is the representative work of this period.
After 1628, Rembrandt was interested in "light", caravaggio, the light and shade contrast method gave him a very deep influence. "The special tribute at the Temple" (the Presentation in the Temple) is the change and transition period, the characteristics of both two periods. Since then, the image contrast of Rembrandt began to grow up, it was the most distinctive Rembrandt paintings principle. Since then, Rembrandt can finally be universally admitted, he left to Amsterdam Leiden development, it is a commercial atmosphere of the city, Rembrandt, after contact the local dealers to paint a picture of a gorgeous dress, customers are very satisfied with, Rembrandt also busy day and night, so think to Italy to study is a waste of time.
Oil painting: Dr Toure's anatomy class, the painter: Rembrandt, the Vatican, lane
Oil painting: Dr Toure's anatomy class, the painter: Rembrandt, the Vatican, lane
Guild in 1632, Amsterdam and charities to decorate their conference hall, Rembrandt was invited to create The "Dr Toure's Anatomy class" (The Anatomy Lesson # of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp). In this painting, caravaggio type of light and shadow is applied astonishingly, this painting brought huge success to Rembrandt, made his reputation, one of the orders flowing, HuaJia is also rising.
Oil painting: with Mr. Zia's self-portrait, painter: Rembrandt, the Vatican, lane
Oil painting: with Mr. Zia's self-portrait, painter: Rembrandt, the Vatican, lane
Career on the right track of Rembrandt in his personal life is going well, two years later, in 1634, Rembrandt finally pursue to the noble young girl, zia and married, he wrote "with Mr Zia self-portrait" (by Rembrandt and Saskia in the Parable of the Prodigal Son). The next few years, Rembrandt painted many portraits of the zia, two people's love life is very good, but Mr Zia's physical condition is not optimistic, also suffered from lung disease, it is hard to cure the disease in damp the Netherlands. This time, Rembrandt became the darling of the fate, rich Rembrandt bought tight location of a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, and have a large collection of antiques and jewelry, he especially likes the ancient clothing and elegant small decorations, these are used as props when he painted.
From 1632 to 1642, Rembrandt enjoyed 10 years rich life smoothly.
Oil painting: night cruise, painter, Rembrandt, the Vatican, lane
Oil painting: night cruise, painter, Rembrandt, the Vatican, lane
In 1642, Amsterdam commissioned Rembrandt painted group portrait shooting hand board of trade. Group portrait was the prevalence of Dutch painting subjects, is by the guild group members raise money please painters paint collective like, hals and van DE hull, painted a similar theme. Rembrandt in the oil painting "the night tour" not let militia officers lined up as the passage or concentrated to the dinner table, but chose to portray them out of the armory at noon to go on duty. Rembrandt with several illuminated body is divided into several groups of them, some of whom were pushed to the background of dark tone, highlighted the anxiety of the scene atmosphere, causing dramatic deep space.
Here, stay out of Rembrandt's run out, he inherited and developed the caravaggio type of contrast in the light of aesthetic rules, dramatic performance on the progression and picture composition on rich matchless rhythm movement, his use of light to highlight the theme of the picture content, also let the shadow weakening and ablation of secondary factors, and use the intricate alternation of light and shade to show a deep space feeling. Ahead of many contemporary painter Rembrandt light is all realized on the basis of form and color, no light and you can't have the shape and color. After nearly 400 years, we can still in masterpiece "the night tour" and many other paintings in Rembrandt's colour like changes with the change of light, light on the object, coruscate gives glory, and flashing a bright colour.
Rude in 1642, however, the militiamen can't agree to this, they for the same money did not show the same face puzzled and anger. Don't out of the one hundred silver dollar is in order to make the painter draw a head, or being obscure half face? Someone even humorously said they pay but "made a vigorous shadow". Shooting hand association refused to accept the work, which in turn will Rembrandt to court, all these things, the public also Rembrandt have a nickname, "the prince of darkness". Since then, few people and groups to Rembrandt portrait, please. It never rains but it pours, Rembrandt's wife zia in the summer of that year died from lung disease, and it is soon after she just gave birth to a son. Before that, the couple already gave birth to three children and off the three children, the only son Rembrandt became only the comfort. There is no doubt that this year for a Rembrandt and a turning point in life, all this unfortunate for him, just the beginning of the long, bad luck, is also a Rembrandt's artistic value and the Dutch middle class interest between the beginning of irreconcilable conflict.
For drawing understanding deeply associated with the first die hard experience, make a Rembrandt painting style has changed. Rembrandt gradually abandoned the exquisite and smooth picture, begin to use thicker color shape object, cover with a transparent color to dye, makes the viscous oils to create a unique material and beautiful. Rembrandt's paintings are so wonderful picture texture, only the later Van Gogh (Van Gogh) and Freud (Lucian Freud) can match. But beyond the era aesthetic often cannot have qualified people, contemporaries saw the exquisite and smooth skin texture and elegant is tonal, on the colour of the turbidity Rembrandt and extensive brush is not very understanding, joke said Rembrandt's paintings can be by the nose.
Introspection and requirements that Rembrandt in art can't draw those who can make him quickly out of the picture, after losing his wife, Rembrandt and maid of poor food daily life live together, and gave birth to a daughter, to that end, he had been condemned by the church the "evil" of life, more no one to ask. Usury frequently visit Rembrandt once shiny big house. In 1657, desperate to cover the debt, we sell Rembrandt house furniture and paintings at a low price to sell.
Oil painting: danae, the painter: Rembrandt, the blessed one, lane
Oil painting: danae, the painter: Rembrandt, the blessed one, lane
Poor Rembrandt began to pay more attention to their own inner world, and various real side of people, the butcher, hutch niang, beggars, the lame, the blind, etc., often appear in his sketches. May be related to his early religious education, Rembrandt created a great number of works of religious subjects, he let these little people around him in ancient costumes and play the image of the bible and mythology. Botticelli, Raphael characters more robust and handsome, emphasizes the image of the beautiful, make public man's glamour, unlike Renaissance masters, Rembrandt tend to reality: "the Dana (Danae) chubby body is a strong country girl: for David king of Israel of the bath and pull ba (Bethsabee) is a figure in Rembrandt's middle-aged women; Wait for toby Sarah like a coarse hands rough feet maid; Ghani virtue (Ganymede) was caught by the eagle after crying while scared urination - the most childish and god's hand was still holding several cherry... Even in describing the work of the holy family Rembrandt are integrated into mundane details of family life, arrange a saint in a clean and simple Dutch families. All these myths and religious figures are no longer only beautiful or ideal image, they are specific of flesh and blood at the bottom of the people in Holland. Rembrandt was increasingly choose those who reflect deeply human subjects, polished his model, and then in the picture show their souls, Rembrandt in religious subjects into the passion of the father love, compassion, forgiveness, also had their own conviction.
Can't find the model, Rembrandt had to draw his son and daughter, friends and myself. Rembrandt is drawn people don't like the beautification, the more disgusted easel stood in front of being directed to paint, draw yourself and the people around you do not have to worry about is all kinds of requirements, can confidently draw by his idea. At present, can know is Rembrandt life drew more than 90 self-portrait, he likes to dress up yourself as a variety of roles, from the high-spirited youth to the romantic field prodigal, from the military uniform warriors to the Renaissance of courtier, from the rustic farmer to ancient saints of the east, Rembrandt meaningfully depicts different position and identity of oneself, until not satisfied life left a deep mark on his face. Rembrandt particularly interested in, to describe the old man drew many parents portrait of an early age. Perhaps from the old man's face is more likely to detect the world the vicissitudes of life and performance of deep humanity, in the face of those appearing in the wrinkled, and sorrow is helpless face, we really feel an unprecedented inner beauty, a deeply appreciate and contains the beauty of human nature - at this point, even Rubens or velazquez is also far less. More than 200 years after van gogh once said: "if you can let me stay for two weeks before these portraits of Rembrandt, I would even if there is no bread."
Rembrandt the final phase of his life can be used to describe the poor, but his artistic attainments are not understanding friend. 80 - year - old Hals (Hals) had friends found their own bizarre has told Rembrandt: "poverty is a painter is likely to encounter the best thing, because you are poor, you can't afford to buy your father when he was young afford to buy that expensive pigments, you must use only two or three cylinder cylinder of paint, and only at this time you learn to pick up the red yellow blue wait for primary colors for painting, color will you use to metaphor of things."
Oil painting: sampling officials, the painter: Rembrandt, the Vatican, lane
Oil painting: sampling officials, the painter: Rembrandt, the Vatican, lane
In 1662, Rembrandt had received last order in life, for Amsterdam clother draw a portrait association. Cloth merchants in Amsterdam painter hesitant when thought of Rembrandt, Rembrandt and want to restore the picture themselves in the painting, he carefully wrote "the sampling officials" (Members of the DrapersClub), painting elaborate design the cloth business meeting scene, character is very confident. But the painting works did not get the favour of cloth merchants, they think themselves in the painting "is too general, and the position is not correct".
In 1668, and his wife only son Rembrandt mundus died of acute hemorrhage, a Rembrandt a serious illness. On October 4, 1669, Rembrandt's death in the poor and sick.
As vermeer's death in 1675, the Dutch painting of glorious era is over, for nearly two hundred years, Rembrandt's name just enjoy extensive reputation, he describes the realism of the profound psychological, his unique use of light and shade skill insurmountable peak is art history.
Rembrandt life left more than 600 paintings. More than 350 of etchings, more than 1500 drawings. Rembrandt's life ups and downs, experienced a brilliant painter desire for worldly achievements, but unlike most mediocre painter, Rembrandt for their choice in art always insist to follow their feelings, not to the secular interest concessions, it brought him a miserable life and have also brought his sublime artistic achievement.

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If you want to polish of a painting, so please keep in mind the painting dry the longer, the better. If glazing too early

If you want to polish of a painting, so please keep in mind the painting dry the longer, the better. If glazing too early, YanLiaoCeng has not yet dry, also in the "activity", that is, the binder is still shrinking, YanLiaoCeng can produce crack. Poppy seed oil paint coating nature is one of the most dangerous. Glazing layers must not be harder than the ratio of the surface oil painting, or crack is inevitable. Shall be such to painting color, make it in a certain period of time don't have to polish, should appear neither too light, or too dark. YanLiaoCeng binder has been most of the work, absorb the oil paintings, when polishing, will lose its charm, greatly its color may occur similar to pella painting change. Mattie fat or darma resin light oil is very suitable for painting the final polishing. When using resin should be dissolved in a ratio of 1:3 in turpentine.
Glazing oil to be compatible with the nature of oil painting color. One often acclaimed synthesis of glazing oil can cause very serious shortcomings, because it with fat and turpentine are incompatible. When used in the diluted with turpentine oil polish is absolutely inappropriate, because glazing oil can not immediately and turpentine completely mixed, and free of turpentine oil painting itself has dissolved. When the weather is cold, you'd better put the glazing oil heating, but be careful, don't strike coated gloss oil, turpentine oil is very strong solvent, because of the heat can make the not thoroughly dry color coating solution. Oil varnish, for example, amber varnish, copal varnish, or vehicle varnish (a) copal varnish and flax seed oil varnish etc. Not suitable for polishing the picture. But very strange, sometimes someone to use it. I even found some Arabic gum is used in custom oil painting, it is absolutely does not apply to oil painting glazing, but also will have serious cracks. Heating the oil soluble in darma fat and resin are also not applicable. Commercially available darma resin fat and light oil often contain a lot of fat. The fat is not suitable for here, it will inevitably cause light yellow oil. Mattie fat is often considered as the cause of the strong yellow, but the sold products must be mixed with oil or oil adulterated, this is should be blamed. Fat varnish often cause serious turn yellow, and has hate flattering light, later will become opaque and difficult to remove from the picture, alcohol soluble oil must not use light, whether it is Marty fat or shellac was made and the church fat, they will become very hard and brittle, is to make a common cause of crack, even join the castor oil does not improve.
To oil painting glazing, shall ensure that the drawing thoroughly as dry as possible. Don't have any sticky. Polishing time as late as possible. Glazing shall be carried out in the room where the temperature is moderate, but the painting brought in from the cold, should not be immediately glazing, because there may be condensation of moisture, oil painting combined moisture and oil polish, will make the oil painting "blue". Paintings on all the dust with a soft dry cloth to wipe, in some cases bread and soft rubber will be useful. Glazing, with a wide head brush dips in glazing oil, thin, besmear gently. Glazing must be carried out smoothly continuous, but should not be too bright, if it is too bright, could make the painting in a certain way is difficult to watch, losing the charm of light at the same time. If glazing oil applied too much, not transparent color will also suffer damage, and loss of light touch and hiding power. Can dip in with a piece of cloth take glazing oil, crowded a crowded a little, then lightly brush again at the site of the painting too thick, this site will not be damaged. Glazing aim is to make every part of oil painting also clearly and can protect the oil painting from the atmosphere, the influence of the harmful gas and moisture. Resin light oil than fat is more suitable for this purpose. Oil polish burnish is not always wanted, it is not the purpose of the glazing.
Many oil polish "blue" disgusting, is a kind of undesirable properties, especially on the transparent color of dark, its reason, is likely to be due to the glazing oil contains water. So on canvas glazing should avoid contact with water, should also try to use turpentine and water-free resin for the preparation of glazing oil heating. Books recommended in older technology, water oil painting to wash first before glazing, the processing methods reminiscent of paint technology, in both cases may be according to the use of the fat varnish, otherwise it is difficult to in the fat lacquer paint the surface or glazing layers. Except with painting flushing, often for each pigment coating on the surface of the smooth processing, these are not necessarily good for painting.
Are often used to advance glazing with egg whites or egg whites with sugar, now these methods were all for naught. With egg white glaze in advance, it is easy to turn brown, under illumination can harden, rinse with water and only partially or not at all removed from the oil painting. Mattie fat or darma resin polishing oil to add about 2% to 5, 010 of castor oil can make the coating soft, especially on the old painting is more apparent.
In the process of drying, glazing layer must be kept clean. Pure mattie fat or glazing darma resin layer in the full light, half a day to day can dry. All kinds of oily glazing layer often weeks also sticky, preparation of glazing oil is absolutely should advocate the painter himself, it is simple to do it, and can assure you will not make as yellow glazing oil paintings were damaged.

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