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If you want to polish of a painting, so please keep in mind the painting dry the longer, the better. If glazing too early

If you want to polish of a painting, so please keep in mind the painting dry the longer, the better. If glazing too early, YanLiaoCeng has not yet dry, also in the "activity", that is, the binder is still shrinking, YanLiaoCeng can produce crack. Poppy seed oil paint coating nature is one of the most dangerous. Glazing layers must not be harder than the ratio of the surface oil painting, or crack is inevitable. Shall be such to painting color, make it in a certain period of time don't have to polish, should appear neither too light, or too dark. YanLiaoCeng binder has been most of the work, absorb the oil paintings, when polishing, will lose its charm, greatly its color may occur similar to pella painting change. Mattie fat or darma resin light oil is very suitable for painting the final polishing. When using resin should be dissolved in a ratio of 1:3 in turpentine.
Glazing oil to be compatible with the nature of oil painting color. One often acclaimed synthesis of glazing oil can cause very serious shortcomings, because it with fat and turpentine are incompatible. When used in the diluted with turpentine oil polish is absolutely inappropriate, because glazing oil can not immediately and turpentine completely mixed, and free of turpentine oil painting itself has dissolved. When the weather is cold, you'd better put the glazing oil heating, but be careful, don't strike coated gloss oil, turpentine oil is very strong solvent, because of the heat can make the not thoroughly dry color coating solution. Oil varnish, for example, amber varnish, copal varnish, or vehicle varnish (a) copal varnish and flax seed oil varnish etc. Not suitable for polishing the picture. But very strange, sometimes someone to use it. I even found some Arabic gum is used in custom oil painting, it is absolutely does not apply to oil painting glazing, but also will have serious cracks. Heating the oil soluble in darma fat and resin are also not applicable. Commercially available darma resin fat and light oil often contain a lot of fat. The fat is not suitable for here, it will inevitably cause light yellow oil. Mattie fat is often considered as the cause of the strong yellow, but the sold products must be mixed with oil or oil adulterated, this is should be blamed. Fat varnish often cause serious turn yellow, and has hate flattering light, later will become opaque and difficult to remove from the picture, alcohol soluble oil must not use light, whether it is Marty fat or shellac was made and the church fat, they will become very hard and brittle, is to make a common cause of crack, even join the castor oil does not improve.
To oil painting glazing, shall ensure that the drawing thoroughly as dry as possible. Don't have any sticky. Polishing time as late as possible. Glazing shall be carried out in the room where the temperature is moderate, but the painting brought in from the cold, should not be immediately glazing, because there may be condensation of moisture, oil painting combined moisture and oil polish, will make the oil painting "blue". Paintings on all the dust with a soft dry cloth to wipe, in some cases bread and soft rubber will be useful. Glazing, with a wide head brush dips in glazing oil, thin, besmear gently. Glazing must be carried out smoothly continuous, but should not be too bright, if it is too bright, could make the painting in a certain way is difficult to watch, losing the charm of light at the same time. If glazing oil applied too much, not transparent color will also suffer damage, and loss of light touch and hiding power. Can dip in with a piece of cloth take glazing oil, crowded a crowded a little, then lightly brush again at the site of the painting too thick, this site will not be damaged. Glazing aim is to make every part of oil painting also clearly and can protect the oil painting from the atmosphere, the influence of the harmful gas and moisture. Resin light oil than fat is more suitable for this purpose. Oil polish burnish is not always wanted, it is not the purpose of the glazing.
Many oil polish "blue" disgusting, is a kind of undesirable properties, especially on the transparent color of dark, its reason, is likely to be due to the glazing oil contains water. So on canvas glazing should avoid contact with water, should also try to use turpentine and water-free resin for the preparation of glazing oil heating. Books recommended in older technology, water oil painting to wash first before glazing, the processing methods reminiscent of paint technology, in both cases may be according to the use of the fat varnish, otherwise it is difficult to in the fat lacquer paint the surface or glazing layers. Except with painting flushing, often for each pigment coating on the surface of the smooth processing, these are not necessarily good for painting.
Are often used to advance glazing with egg whites or egg whites with sugar, now these methods were all for naught. With egg white glaze in advance, it is easy to turn brown, under illumination can harden, rinse with water and only partially or not at all removed from the oil painting. Mattie fat or darma resin polishing oil to add about 2% to 5, 010 of castor oil can make the coating soft, especially on the old painting is more apparent.
In the process of drying, glazing layer must be kept clean. Pure mattie fat or glazing darma resin layer in the full light, half a day to day can dry. All kinds of oily glazing layer often weeks also sticky, preparation of glazing oil is absolutely should advocate the painter himself, it is simple to do it, and can assure you will not make as yellow glazing oil paintings were damaged.

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