Sunday, February 26, 2017

Art circle of the most popular these days, is "qianlong imperial seal" event-oil painting

Art circle of the most popular these days, is "qianlong imperial seal" event. A qing qianlong imperial seal an auction house in Paris, France is Chinese buyers to about RMB 160 million race, but nearly a month, have been unable to complete delivery, once also from taobao and waiting for the payment of lost in the message.
A stone up, voice is heard all sorts of criticism. "The good faith to make Chinese people around the world face again." "Scripted play a play, play at home also just, this time a monkey out of true." No matter in which it was finally out of the "play" will be ending, smooth the case that "success is not received payment", there is no doubt that americans in the integrity of the auction market again.
The incident reminiscent easily also a auction in Paris, France in 2009, the xiamen merchants CAI for euro 31.4912 million oil painting after successful photographed yuanmingyuan "heads", citing "unclear origin", not only declared that refused to pay, also thought to participate in the auction is a "patriotic" act. The country.
After seven years, strikingly similar scene again. Online there is no lack of such a voice - this qianlong palace imperial seal is most likely the relics, Chinese businessmen take without payment appears to be a spoiler, but it is a "patriotic". That's the case? From an existing law said, since knowing the objects looted relics, as the Chinese should not participate in the auction, to prevent and recover from the national level, more clearly justified. Such reckless driving up the price of the loss of national treasure, the slightest not conducive to cultural relics backflow. As to compete painting successfully and not timely payment, lost his good faith, is only the "mistake". What about the patriotic?
Back to the auction itself, this also can yet be regarded as a typical case. Participate in bidding, default payment, not a disease has become a domestic auction market. A global art market report shows that despite China's total auction is second only to the United States, but more than one million yuan, and the price is sale and settlement rate famous oil painting is less than half, repeatedly broke astronomical covers market false prosperity.
Auction in arrears balance became the norm of the domestic auction market, almost every auction houses are encountered. Other line take less unpaid auction tens of hundreds of millions of yuan, it is said that more than 2 billion yuan. Still, in recent years have intensified, domestic auction trading accounts for non-payment than from about 50% to 50% in the past two years, five years ago often the price is higher, the higher the probability of payment. Spring in 2011 with 426 million yuan to set the global Chinese contemporary painting clinch a deal the price record of qi baishi "cypress Gao Litu", also failed to escape the fate of "stalled".
Default payment outside several cases: know what I buy items from other sources suspicious or quality, price is a little bit higher, so the heart of regret; The price have no objection to that, just an excuse to keep pressure on a auction company hopes to get a bigger discount; There is a more despicable, some are not going to really start right from the start, keeping to a surprising clinch a deal the data, to realize the hype. However, no matter what type, select the "LaoLai", do not pay are obviously deviated from the principle of good faith.
As early as a few years ago, the industry is put forward to establish the idea of a "blacklist" of default, because fear discourage customer collection of artwork, has failed to materialise. Crowd out cancer, now really to the point of time. Nowadays in the depths of winter of art market, let the buyer inflated price and refuse to pay, as to the art market out add artificial barriers. After all, a good market order is fundamental for the sustainable development of industry, who do not want bad habits become the "last straw" crash over the market.

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