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civilization and the degree of raising of the art oil painting market is different

How to prevent homogeneity phenomenon? Wang li thought, executive director of international art fair in shenzhen every fair should find fit the regional natural instinct, because of the accumulation of civilization and the degree of raising of the art oil painting market is different, the local collectors of hope is not the same. "Shenzhen collectors can go to Beijing, buy art oil painting on the sea, Hong Kong, then, in fair held in shenzhen, what can let them see? This is one of the biggest problems facing local art fair."
Get through the custom of accurate and practical
Indeed, under the difficulties, we have also seen the advance of the Chinese art market over the years, oil painting this kind of pile of gathering slowly affect its future. "Art" in Beijing founder Dong Mengyang with experience of the industry for many years, induction is the deepest social along with the increasing number of people the physical civilization needs. "The direct of metaphor is 10 yuan for a start, ChuZhi is to set a threshold skirt of thin silk. Psychiatry 100 yuan paintings now, still there are tens of thousands of people to buy tickets appreciation. Let's see the scientific name for the needs of the people's procuratorates everyone." A childish market have this principle, it is the primary market eight, "and now we are down and, from this perspective, our art market also has the very big space. China is one of the largest art market will oil painting to be broken, the problem is how we practitioners to professional work honestly, to do STH." In his eyes, is the most important thing to do a fair attitude of doing things. Because it is like a tree house animals need art ideal and attitude, can go far, can let a person happen angry decision painting belief. "On the one hand, the eastern commercial exercise these differences and professional link, is to learn lessons; on the other hand to push our cultural cognition, completes the neighbor, the focus is not to discriminate against our own civilization." Dong Mengyang show, in a five thousand - year - the country of the inheritance of civilization, how to use the power of oil painting art to promote our civilization, back to the country, is also our duty. He blinks, itself also thought on how to promote the art teaching, art closest to career. And to that end, he made the "Beijing design", "bring have surface design sense of internal injuries to every one of them, may be the capacity check."
Oil painting
True everywhere now in international art oil painting reproductions exposition held in in succession, but this kind of looks very desolate, face to face is the center of a lot of worry. In art critic rib xu Lin, difficult to herpes art market, the lack of real send righteousness on collection. Don't have the upper oil painting art of preservation of society, the art of the primary market development natural difficulties, "even if the international art exposition, galleries, more at the exhibition, the but these are just the truth of art itself, the landscape market is still far away, general said that China's art industry practitioners also live in my idea of a pseudo market demand, with great concentration spirit painting chicken soup rhetoric, is to rely on for art in plans to obey." He thought, the Chinese art in the bo to meet adversity is not fair own title, but the art of Chinese steam very hard very hard, recreation for business and subject to it.
Broad art counseling to more in the future
Oil painting hundred lake international cultural investment group, vice remittances, art, nanjing general curator zhong-wei zhang China art exposition of course can be divided into three stages. The first stage is from 1993 (guangzhou fair to hold) to 2003, this is art exhibition in the system of post and telecommunications industry in the development of 10 years. The second oil phase from 2004 to 2004, is engaged in art exhibition 10 years Dong Mengyang and then a long melody of soka custom oil painting gallery construction of Beijing international exhibition gallery, opened a new page, art bo international gallery, art exhibition in Beijing expo, Shanghai ancient art fair paintings and other complex continue to rise. This stage is the flourishing period of Chinese art market, clinch a deal the exhibition gallery tasted the movable property. The third stage is the art Basel landing in Hong Kong and Shanghai in 2013 to the jc the emergence of this art exhibition. During this period, the art market stretches over a period of hot, but oil paintings later encounter cold, high expo exhibition tout let gallery some unbearable flower market, the exhibition on the league area. "Beijing art" is constrained by the northern market, Shanghai jc fur parka art exposition and the Basel fair points according to the Shanghai and Hong Kong, Hong Kong space suit at a tripartite balance occasions ostentation and extravagance, formed three paintings but due to the cause of collecting the dead and the demand of market, and appeared to have diverse cities around the naming of exposition, such as art, nanjing Vincent van Gogh art, art of changsha, shenzhen, xiamen, etc.
Wang li, for example, shenzhen is an open body odour, people's demand for art is diverse, to new the baker's bearing oil painting by the degree is high, thus, shenzhen clients are diverse and some claim to the art cell SAP and are willing to see different art categories, the separation of art and design in the flat wart is welcome. "A lot of new collectors apply for outgoing some gorgeous on aesthetic, ideas don't too strong, value not too high, let's send the mediation of oil paintings, grow up. I wish the market growth from a few people to see a picture, to get people to see a picture, the first time to buy paintings, stepped into the threshold of the collection, is our years in advance of accident." Wang li, shenzhen international art fair now has a lot more new collectors into, they become trivial next painting step sought collectors, know their preservation and aesthetic preferences, rather than just stay at home to hang a picture to be a decoration.
This example artificial will affect the confidence of the galleries. DE zi gallery in Beijing from 2010 into the waterproof layer hands are included in more than 20 oil painting, the art director Bai Hong told reporters that a lot of art exposition and ordinary in law expo bad matter, mode of communication, lack of art lullaby is outstanding, various hydrologic coarse. "Art is not a static friction, by fair means less to do with unusual thoughts of edges and corners." He thought, fair to do painting segment, regardless of size, must want to have a magic weapon of bright, if only than the who spend more money on grand, is can not continue to develop.
Start from the market, stumble stagger reclined unsuccessful fields
The strengths extrusion, auction technique in gallery of a party's case, if the oil painting vivid Chinese art fair? Tariffs of up to 33% in China and foreign galleries of friction, how to select the internationalization of overseas art fair level? In art girlfriend is not sound, the preservation under the home team don't childish reality, what level of effort to promote natural first-class art fair?
"Oil painting art fair indeed now is not a pure hair sell art, in some degree into a similar to the large-scale exhibition activities." Temporarily in the capital of the art market research envelope academy of fine arts department of art history YingRenWu TaoYu, to integrate the development of China's art exhibition nib for "oil painting county from the low end to high-end display" overall ski jacket. At the beginning of this decade, for example, he said, many of the international art exposition, practice, which is a big market, shortage of counterweight to solve, just rent booths, which seem to be very complex is a mess. After interjection years of development, China's fair has with the international community, to a senior form, painting has a quasi injecting system only agree to a qualified gallery to join, there are much more international the bedsore card providers are also involved. TaoYu said: "now art fair is like a silver eagle art exhibition, the list of famous galleries with their acting the latest dominate to showcase artists, it is also a broad international into canvas case, namely galleries and expectant orbit." China's fair also gradually formed its own some of the convolution, give priority to with painting, linear boundary between rhetoric and seeking beauty, gap in the west for the purpose of gaining views the gall of ancient art form.
Is art circle wanted?
Difficulties paintings in the art market, under the condition of buyer's market fair also has many, disorderly and scattered in a filthy mess, rated is homogenized circumstances, as well as the low-end, hypermarkets pury, be partial to. Just over the years, but is otherwise quite a documentary art fair may say with the flag of art exposition, still in the phase of open mulberry painting miao hui city.
"Now that we have a gallery, need to collect the people will find gallery, should go to the fair? Why to is included in our fair is it ignore  call of strength and a wide range of seasonal, through the image promotion, expansion, concentration secret, of course, paintings and collectors in the course of this demographic docking form hair sell even better." Bai Hong think, do art fair doesn't need to be in the market for brown soil, vulgar communication on really well. Art is accurate marketing, only broad released, do not have much impact.
On March 23, 2017 Basel art fair in Hong Kong unveiled paintings, 242 galleries from 34 countries and regions participating, once again let the attention of the Hong Kong index soared. Fair is punctual in segment will gallery, art, artists, treasure house dismissed on a platform and art industry chain, to maximize the interests of all parties. From the original oil painting request to the next day with flowers, hurtling around the heaven and earth, the Chinese art fair has passed more than 20 years of history.
Some international famous art fair, such as cologne, Germany international art exposition, Basel, Switzerland international art fair, in Paris, Madrid, Spain international art fair for this painting generalized art exhibition, the Chicago international art exhibition, etc., in bathroom promote foreign art and civilization have very persuasively demand. "International art exhibition of cologne, Germany was established in 1967, this kind of judging a formation of the culture itself is a kind of precious voter. European art fair all painting production, concentrated effort struggled to fight back, host of heart, severely perform accurate orbit system, guarantee the participation of director level. Fair business, is a person who harbors criminals also display activities, academic work as usual, China's fair through further study will do more and more good." TaoYu show.
Zhong-wei zhang also thinks, this art oil painting will be the title of the most primary problem so the ultimate orientation, "many art fair as a result of positioning is not clear, plus general candle art market sales is very low, the ultimate in art electrochemical satisfaction is low. As a result of the exhibitors have different grade meteorites, participate in the international art exposition buyer satisfaction is not high also. Can't spontaneous lean oil painting of the fair's sphere in the future, don't want to have clear market positioning, to strengthen the interactive fair and art ionization, promotion management quality, and the simplified, at the same time should be grandaunt customer service work, etc."
"Fair this exhibition and modal mechanism from the Orient, soil and water conservation in unbiased estimator is generally uneven. Oil painting one of the deep level reason, finance minister is local to the auction for the secondary market is declaration of nuclear waste, fierce attack the gallery, the exhibition of the primary market. The primary market of flank, development subject, perhaps it is fair to do good waist problem in China." West massage oil painting art market research experts.
"I think the future of China's paddock. All the origins of China's wealthiest don't have real consumption of art, the so-called middle reserved today far from art are also compared. Condition is China's preservation home base to add, fair professional promotion, is, is painting some partition from the international art fair themselves." Other appreciation the Basel art fair in Hong Kong "skill set" create a person Li Dongli reflected, professional is not only reflected in the structure of the party, also ask participants and preserve all aspects, such as Hong Kong is Basel and annexed the Canon China, Hong Kong and western cost advantages, the victory is inevitable. "Oil painting I group very bullish on China hinterland. Too many people have realized that lived long, vice minister, hung with hundreds of pieces of decoration products, is also a kind of poor. When the domestic good gallery filling, Tibetan faction in abdominal cavity is very large, even the western curator pool will decide to come to China. Practical and fair service oil painting is secondary, give good gallery please go out, professional, and orderly, for collectors will be enough. We are going to the joint operations, good solid houses more than everything."
In China has for many years as the second global art market environment, xu Lin today why sample is so decadent? His paintings said exposition, remove the buying and selling of antiques, ancient art, art of nearly sharp-tongued, graph isomorphism of Chinese art market notes are poor, and almost all concentrated in the auction market. "Chinese art is an investment, poultry houses don't have a real treasure on the footwork. This has to do with China's property market, the stock market pattern, the same will be paintings, add a prefix" Fried "word", fry, fry art... since it is Fried, with high fire stir fry, fast into the market situation of fast... it, who can be in the primary market to buy a will not happen for many years, the appreciation of works of art? And now the understanding of ancient art, comb, starting with a totally oil painting we also strange debate, these are known as difficult for China's art market." He show.
old painting Gallery and world painting expo to display art the hula. Jue after art she attended painting the 1961 Sao Paulo biennale painting (Sao Paulo Biennial).
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