Thursday, April 6, 2017

oil painting is easy to understand this phuong animal plant material

From books, for example, actually thought, gao hole is made from bamboo tubes, the rockets bobbin forming. Assume that we actually know the paste processing craft and the essence of ear cover, oil painting is easy to understand, this phuong animal plant material is put into a can of high hardness, high density of jade raw materials processed oil painting. Function of the armyworm rough instinct, is easily and solution from the show feel real, and deep sky scientific research shall be authentic. From the implements of the aging and language technology on keywords to light. ", for example, only from the feeling and the teachings familiar with antique appearance of patina and leather case, value oil painting genuine leather case wrapped slurry forming reason for discussion. Let's know whether metal, plant, plant, such as the title of the imaginary antiques, art, urban by wind erosion, soil erosion, purple float inside radiation, the humidity in the atmosphere, and the settlement of dotted, influenced by space situation, which caused the aging evolution. Such as oil painting variable is a metal oxide formation of the leather case data itself.
Antiques, appraisal has always been a for hundreds of years jigan's idea of the music industry. But through my decades oil painting reproductions of profoundly clear to seminars and market practice, old-fashioned cutting off the reality let the vast Tibetan who lose money, the fool. Ultimate know that these paintings lack scientific concluded that idea and main point, ever does not apply to antique appraisal marks at the moment. Because fake fabricated techniques including math more and more high, the contour intuitively simulation is particularly good at in the scientific skills and quick in letters patent, for real and a cop dragon liver chicken brain it is necessary to adopt scientific, polygonal degree of oil painting and comprehensive examination. As to solve a case, to identify a criminal evidence necessary to explore the many contributions, nothing can touch with experience jeopardy. Antiques, true and false to extract the same evidence.
Register make aging is like real,custom oil painting however, if the conservative think judgement, with oil paintings are fake builders soil, rust, rot, debris, looks comfortable is considered to be genuine. Invention is magnified view, accumulation degree of different kind of dispute of the waist of the flesh, deposition density, adhesion and other aspects all of different kind of dispute with the real thing. Assume that easily with the naked eye intuitive judgment, easy oil painting is easy to mistake the fake goods carefully. Such heavy representation, owe through representation more deeply to find constitute principle, and extract the authenticity scientific evidence to determine, is the current antiques, determine the confusion because it is good playing chess, confuse black and bright and commissary.
Implements the wrapped slurry refers to the sedimentation in the outline of slurry energy accumulation, the oil painting the sign in to pass the time in a row up sharply.
Magnetic device, for example, the true and false, is the difference between painting capability in terms of evidence, the aging of bright glass glaze, glazed eyes at decorated, scratches, disable, oil painting fetal foot, inscription Numbers lines shortcomings, such as magnetic device composed of oil painting clouds the grave, from which to find evidence of dozens of authenticity gap. Such as bronze ware, jintong furnace, copper preposition of Buddha, treasure made in metal materials such as antiques, these antique on material and forging technology, major in rolling over on the attenuation of, formed to implements abstruse and full of fine grain relief grinding, painting a beige materials modification and curse on adhesion, trench perpetuation of metal corrosion caused by aging focus, etc., through the comparison of authenticity, dozens of evidence can be found.
This kind of profile control is broken, the root why why can't tell the true, false theory and evidence.
Again, for example, we know that false true painting silk COINS visual appearance has no intention of ever don't see where is fake. But when we use a narrow mirror observation, will find fault, plate-making and printing Pi counterfeit paper, color uneven, anti-counterfeiting faults. Counterfeit just look from the contour as true, but the actual in such aspects as information, skill and strength for a child evidence showing a lot of paintings. If blow gently with lesson feel to identify and decisive, it is easy to be. So forensic modeled after those necessary to manage public currency paper, color, clarity, anti-counterfeiting mark mark whatever logo and other evidence, as long as grasp the main point and the gardener to precise is invalid to identify counterfeit money.
In the painting of fruit also contains using the plants, plant information since the bamboo tooth Angle of antique art. Such antiques in the middle of ageing and fear fiction after dyeing, manual sculpture forming elaboration of the freedom of working procedure, the real manual engraving machine carved with fake drew a general disposition of emergence of uncle, have a lot of oil painting in evidence.
Through the study of antique authenticity science craft appreciation, we can be doomed that although fakes on the river port, momentum sent fleet falsify vary wildly, but modern fakes on raw material, dispose and offerings on the order, unlicensed prostitute technology is put into the fake win is the best, this is painting the truth of scientific scrutiny. But the current national prestige determine humble abode, entrusted to hundreds of years old, the same as science concluded that ancient antique demand have a wide range of scientific knowledge, especially is language skills in terms of the actual and the practice of processing technology, and expert prestige not stare from materials and strength on the canvas view on scientific drive the real beneficiaries of PaoGe. Some square not scientific idea in their head but the legacy.
Reformed, now on judgment of antiques, with clear, old, of primitive simplicity, tian escape, lasting appeal, clever and cognizance and interpretation of words such as authenticity, only with the help of the teaching of the grass in the dilute oil painting confused to contribute to the ground from the earth's feel and solution. This kind of decided to show and to review as well as the composition of the principle, foundation has not been emperor, in-depth study. At the same time also didn't make clear of the true and the false distinction the sick there. Ending can only be annotated as only to decide time zone can be well versed in, can't talk painting a not on the conclusion of soot.Article source :

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