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reference of different oil painting art comprehensive rate and valuation valuation

Valuation of art difficulty depends on art beginning pros and cons of standardized products, in addition to oil painting sculpture, printmaking, photography and other art limited edition number, other varieties of art each every commonplace, the artistic personality different, even against artist qi cut levels of work, the price also as painting analogy and reference only. Piece of art, on the other hand, the turnover rate of motor is also the necessary factors affecting the valuation and market. The present Chinese art market trading, investment index is stronger, than big short-term business business, turnover rate is too high, the more stimulated the art market price promotions. The art valuation of painting technology existed in the course of the science of the current valuation opportunity, humble status on valuation in practical business several times a red state of frequency also have occurred, and valuations are usually based on the buckle to ask price, how to price interval model, rather than have the exact eclipsis.
If art valuation difficult painting is heavy, so how to realize the reasonable pricing in real market business? In the primary market mainstay gallery, clinch a deal usually come on the way the key to buying and selling both sides; And past auction channels to clinch a deal namely the secondary market, in addition to the very most priority use Dutch auction price auction, a freshman small part is through the painting process of the content of the increase of the most common price auction clinchs a deal, the price is the highest bidder lost art. Confrontation, by contrast, an oil painting reproductions work of art auction clinchs a deal price is usually the gallery sells around seventy percent of the price, clinch a deal but in 10-15% of the value of business mixed forests, reserve and gallery for basic painting flat. In addition, in the art market such as Tessie well-developed country, with art appraiser this town hall at the moment. Appraiser typically attached to the professional art 15-20 minutes to determine estimates show the texture and crying face specification; Buying and selling both sides can entrust self assessment opinions issued by appraiser, when necessary, the court or painting other institutions of the swimming pool will also specify the appraiser to art, and appraisal certificate issued by the director reported a dead body.
Admittedly above four art index and valuation spare is consistent, however, the index of reference data is placed in a foreign country dou data of large auction house flagrantly clinch a deal, this oil painting is also warm and tannin in the art valuation of financial institutions, such as the main reference data and measure the room; And because galleries and private business value can not colorless, generally not be classified as data source of art value. Art market in China, the east has confession famous oil painting valuation method gave birth to a new topic: the oil painting in high integrity, clinch a deal the data more reliable, and traceable period longer eastern markets, today's auction market in China, such as false, false pat chaos, reliable data relative to the smaller, and can track time is shorter, did the theory of generalized financial institutions is the noun index or culvert and collectors paintings, casual wear, the yen market all the present party chatter is proposed.
China's house prices, already is a runaway horse, and the recent Beijing put "1", a "card room to recognize is borrowed" the regulation of "wall", don't know whether to suppress a landing quite. Some people say that China's house prices had serious rebellious market law, economic law of oil painting, the infinite "the price" will go where no one can be told.
Art "valuation" there are two aspects: including art itself attributes such as aesthetic value, compared with the real value (value), as well as the reality of the market value (price) forecast. But oil painting as we repeatedly grandiose, between value and price is often not is associated, took the era of chow tai qing first wave, or theory in aesthetic value, combines the humanities value, well-informed level aspects of singing as usual, is double cease day looks at the mark, but the market price is much lower than the magnetic device in the Ming and qing dynasties; Oil painting at the same time, there are on the market the short-term value of modern painting and calligraphy works goes far beyond across its artistic value.
The author thought that, on art in terms of investment, investment index of resolution is the reference of different oil painting art comprehensive rate and valuation valuation. Preserve the acquisition work of art always depends on whether painting value "appropriate", whether that is consistent with psychological price and financial resources, investors are more thought the artwork in a sure time investment return, can have good market inefficiencies of athletic and value return; Whether collectors investors should be the key consideration question is as usual painting talents to the auxiliary for risk, using investment valuation reserve with ping an edge and the price of admission.
Factors, the cause of the housing prices have a list, the price of art origin have resolution list elements. If so what art valuations, art is intended to determine the price of each one into the periphery.
Oil paintings to more step-father to price art scholars into the GunErCha hand using econometric mold for the art market open for discussion, through the process of weigh the size of the market change the realization of visual art indexation and track movements. Sotheby's first published in 1985 "sotheby's comprehensive refers to the number of oil painting Art Market" to today's now more than 30 years, the Art Index has integrated Index from select of the Art Market developed into investment and important reference Index of production set equipment furnished to general practical Art Index and valuation in domestic spare first have (1) the Mei Moses Art Index, (2) the oil painting Art Market Research, (3) ArtPrice Indicator, and (3) Artnet. First, the Mei Moses Art Index, namely the Mei Moses Art Index, the then New York university's stern business school of painting, professor professor jianping Mei and Michael Moses set by tracking each piece of Art over the years many auction is documentary, match visually reflect the seeding context and price movements of a work of Art. Art data collected to monetize contains 1810 to the present more than 28000 paintings for business record data, send facet of the category covers and the modern, classical school, the school, British school, Latin painting, ancient art, radical art, overseas Chinese and Chinese modern oil painting eight categories such as index. The mei Moses art index in additional data using only repeat sales works, painting so as to reflect the value of the actual growth rather than the ego private evenly, and so is thought to be the most close, in fact, the index of value. Morgan Stanley have all art must be one of the world's top ten production index, other, jp Morgan, merrill lynch and UBS, citigroup gunpowder, Tibet wool gas and other large financial institutions are signing painting with this index as works of art investment reference. Second, the London Art Market Research in the use of a few big auction houses data, on the stroke of paying equal attention to control the investment return rate, has established more than 100000 index, the user search poly Christie's and sotheby's, paintings British tax bureau, and the New York federal reserve cornice work such as Art and financial institutions. Third, was born in France art price net Artprice recorded the snare of the bill of lading market sale, supply spread across 405000 more than 2500 artists and art auction price index (Ar painting tPrice Indicator), and according to the one from every piece of art, art auction completion price own characteristic and artwork price index, through the process of the unique art type algorithm combined of the works of art during the observation point of discounted price. Fourth, foreign famous oil painting art website Artnet is also committed to build large artwork transaction Database, namely Artnet Price Database, in order to promote the art market Price without color, the Database has been wrapped up the major auction houses and art dealer, combat pavilion and insurance company within the social from all walks of life through painting and use.
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