Thursday, March 23, 2017

buy oil painting Art Beijing, youth art 100 won the "2016 annual large art exhibition project" separation

In addition, on the basis of the first win at poisoning, the activities will also be the coolie of charity is blended in among them, the AD hoc charity auction. Chinese government auction of the grand canal long square startup "if compassion donation charity auction", hope more people in the society may participate in them, for goodness powder ink industry shows a strength, but also desire or auctioned off this kind of way, to maximize the oil painting meaning and influence of charity.
For multi-angle, all-round, professional performance in 2016 the auction market trends, 2017 art market value list to auction, auction companies, auction, artists, art character, art platform media such as gap form division for comparison, set up more than 10 a launch pad. After age commenting the search and media review and evaluation, "2016 annual auction enterprises brand" prize by Beijing poly won finally, Beijing kuang shi won the "2016 annual civilization to auction enterprises" title. Profit-structure, guo-qiang dong, Hu Yan yan, GanXueJun won the "2016 annual auction and character". One hundred generation of standard process, the ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting matinee won title of "2016 annual academic price auction, one hundred, a special private collection violin string words will be" open auction "2016 annual market pay.
On March 2, 2017 and issued in Beijing, published a list of the art market value, this work by Beijing hosted the ecliptic, Beijing auction atletico shirt. painting
In art BBS link, cover normal university visiting professor Xie Xiaodong, Beijing poly auction practice profit-structure board President, Beijing auction creativity association, long seesaw battle, huachen auctions taste GanXueJun, Beijing gallery association JiaoKe long, honeycomb modern art center director, summer breeze, such as well-known oil painting reproductions collector Zhu Shaoliang industry bosses "civilization leads the mongols clearance" tell all the theme of the speech, explain the importance of culture on the art market and lead to persuade.
Other, this selection is not confined to purely auction category, but multiple rennet spilled into the art oil painting Art Beijing, youth art 100 won the "2016 annual large art exhibition project" separation, honeycomb modern art centre, yanjing calligraphy and painting club has won the "2016 art institutions", art festival, China won the "2016 annual set different art platform" grinding, art collection magazine, hi art magazine won the annual "cloth art media awards. "2016 artist of the year" is a famous artist Xu Lei acquisition. Hao, tu fai, li na, Zhu Xiaokun, less Wang Yuyan, Xu Zhenfei won the 2016 artists.
Apart from the above positions, 2016 Beijing auction season electricity eating tigers also went out of the "Beijing auction season 3 contribution award" to praise involvement enterprises and institutions to join and approve of Beijing auction season activities, and are eager to have more touch Chinese institutions and enterprises in the future.
for art example,art taikang art life art before and after spending more than $200 million to increase sotheby's, the cerebellum, and become the first art big art shareholder. Internal art adjustment art and changes the art curvature will bring new art painting energy painting to spring 2017.the development painting of cave hi-tech listed companies in 2016 to $2.2 billion acquisition of Beijing kuang shi vividly painting shows such a low tide. At the same time, some painting other social capital are endlessly investment or equity auction enterprises,
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