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Chen Shiceng oil painting exhibition" in poly art museum. The exhibition by Beijing poly auction and Beijing

On February 10, "freemasonry, grace have heavy reported: Beijing collection of qi baishi, Chen Shiceng oil painting exhibition" in poly art museum. The exhibition by Beijing poly auction and Beijing and the company culture and art development co., LTD., jointly organized, this also is one of Beijing's poly 12 anniversary series activities, a total exhibition qi baishi, Chen Shiceng works more than 70, most works orderly and description in detail.
The qi baishi "wide Bin wind figure painting of grasses and flowers (16) the most striking. Throughout the Chinese and foreign art history, always there is no lack of sketch insects amp, but not insects have been the theme of the literati painting heart. Once again until qi baishi, overturn the position of insects in the painting, his paintings of insects sound, color, have qualitative feeling, have feelings. Qi baishi, using the method of "work" with freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese daily, traditional Chinese realistic painting of insects, with a thin and dense, and write, dynamic and static. These insects, is he in a low profile for the duckweed oil painting reproductions profession in the world, draw the "grass steal live" humble and common, also has a "god" for thousands of insects, for white bird's ambitions.
"Why officials for the hao, carving arthritic spares no pains", qi baishi in the poems of the first united self-mockery, may be able to interpret his at the end of the book of "wide Bin wind figure" open dated mentality - "ZhongShan ShuaiJun is. XinYou (1921) in May, the cloth JiHuang write a", in which the above "ZhongShan make handsome" is the leading figure of the late qing and early republic, when for straight section in baoding, shandong, henan tour make reading, lineal warlord leader, for the people after the nus President tsao kun; Qi baishi dragon-boat festival since 1921 and tsao kun, tsao kun created a certain number of painting and seal cutting works. In addition to painting, qi baishi have tsao kun engraved with a "straight luyu cruise make reading", "LeShou old man" and the "tsao kun" chapter, found in buy oil painting and calligraphy of tsao kun, the height of the visible tsao kun to qi baishi art achievement.
Display of qi baishi works except in 1950 "the book of flowers" album (10), in 94 at the age of "peony", and Hong Kong HuoZongJie old Tibetan aquarium figure, loquat, Lao she's old Tibetan loquat, inheritance and orderly, description detailed "pumpkin", "hip flask crab", "single", holding his daughter-in-law, and four screen ", "towel gourd" and so on. In China art gallery "rot immortal: towards the pioneer of modern Chinese painting - Chen Shiceng the 140th anniversary of the exhibition" exhibition Chen Shiceng "gold aunt daqing landscape", "the monkey show map", "Lin are landscape", "bluegrass chart" and so on works in the exhibition on display.
 art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art chisel, hammer, Mosaic and so on a variety of craft, so its beauty is not accidental, masses of working people is the accumulation of sweat and wisdom is made and be become.
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