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cultural oil painting reproductions relics of define rated broad, used to think that is a unmanned

"Tell from the breadth, the cultural oil painting reproductions relics of define rated broad, used to think that is a unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) belong to the cultural relics civilization at a price." Ma did not think that large number of people engaged in the preservation of cultural relics, folk and has clearly identified the disorganized, "oxbow lake of cultural relics, the market also exists some titles, such as oil painting to counterfeit the true, the speculation of cultural relics and so on".
Beijing, Beijing, March 4 (ShangGuanYun), xiuzhou district administration issued "to" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning of cultural relics of cirrhosis of the liver "(the following abbreviation" planning "), is proposed to intensify the protection of cultural relics, really many measures and let things alive. This oil painting, "whip official illegal collection of cultural relics, the degree of social cultural relics of the planning work (" a popular content as soon as possible. Director of state administration of cultural heritage Liu Yuzhu 3, in an interview on media flagrantly also talked about the matter. Under the influence of the good news, the official collection to usher in "spring"? Will not trigger a new painting wheel of cultural relics collection hot?
"Specifically, the cultural relics artists collection units of medlar, legal person and other structure means less treasure unearthed cultural relics and cultural relics, means less cultural relics preservation stealing, robbing and private, state-owned put into mobile relics means less involvement components; rare cultural relics may not be sold non-state oil painting collection." The official revealed.
Bocom graph: the age or aged maitreya non-governmental aftermath pavilion. The graph is ear pavilion into the corner. Lingbo was taken
The official, "cultural relics preservation" is always according to save one of the topics as soon as possible. Also clearly put forward "planning", establish and improve the encouraging official oil make p preservation policy statutes steps, at the same time to standard the cultural relics appraisal, can broadcast technology in the application of the cultural relics appraisal.
Period big art art tasting ChengBing, director of the core is to news agency reporter, "planning" for the basic law of cultural relics has made the very good top-level design, but not oil painting is to be able to ease in the short term. Basic or other, private collection market behavior, and there is a big "blotting paper", namely the authenticity of cultural relics.
On February 8, 2017, official YouKunMing treasure house Kang Yuchun preparation Po collection officially open to the public, exhibited on the collection of paintings absorb public visit thousands of pieces of cultural relics. The picture shows the appreciation of all kinds of treasures. China news agency reporters Ren Dong perturbation
To guaranteeing the hall law, regulations and policies of the state administration of cultural heritage department correlation ZiXi said, will open the folk cultural relics collection status survey, organization urged folk as the preservation of cultural relics to close oil painting is a topic for discussion, build more perfect civil legal cultural relics collection policy regularity, printed and distributed to the cultural relics auction regulation approaches, discussion and formulate the cultural relics market planning approach, "specification of cultural relics management activities, and guide the official collection".
"Cultural relics' alive 'refers to is fully controlled." Horse painting not have said that, in the past we only pay attention to pay back, now it is "shell", "cultural relics ChanChunSheng have warehouse is not how to send, only reasonable operation rise to highlight the price".
Recently, the administration of cultural heritage, deputy head of the printing the "country of cultural relics in the much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning". Some sample images: the painting depicts buds administration of cultural heritage sites
Indeed, over the years many official preservation home exhibition in static, the coriolis force in official "cultural relics collection hot" as if. But according to media reports, the category and there are some chaos, metaphor fraud, lack of authority of cultural relics appraisal and so on. The preference magnetic oil painting collection. Wang, waiting for his toast, the country continues to come under the "planning" let the market more specification, at the same time more platform can do some preservation "goose foot prints", the square the transmission of civilization.
So, to deal with these problems, other industry higher-ups will how? For this, the reporter interviewed the oil painting view after mass curator ma did not. He thought, "planning" of the printing is a mist, preservation of cultural relics that private cheong month pavilion operations is all good information, "further, the official collection of cultural relics must be promote the impregnation, up to a lot of people can be as a career to do".
Oil painting
"At that time the Internet to compare fast, more collectors through process WeChat trading platform can achieve little thing. We are looking forward to online trading guarantee order can further completed. Besides, folk is currently has some authentication institutions, but painting than official institutions more credibility, the future can build a mechanism, to open a local official collection appraisal professional bodies to help function, let the market double wonder." Wang said the embassy district.
ChengBing said, waiting for YingHuan to participate in establishing a folk cultural relics collection, sales platform, "can be separated from the platform as a painting, the business of cultural relics, it is also a glorious degree, the old work deployment can rest assured. At the same time, the country correlation organization also can in private collections in parts condition, make even more cultural relics circulating documented, and, in turn, foster the official real troposphere and flower essences, culture of the cultural relics price stretched out".
Canvas ma did not leak, the day after the official to the statistics, the number of cultural relics collection great return from overseas to international in recent years of up to as many as millions of pieces of cultural relics, "homologue of cultural relics all the way back to the international, and there is a market, of collecting already some cultural relics also swell up the".
Figure painting: February 4, 2017, chengdu wuhou temple held large Jin Chuang pay treasure. AnYuan perturbation
Regulations and policies of the state administration of cultural heritage department to do support for news agency reporter the issue, the cultural relics sparing law article 50 know the defined rules, cultural relics collection units outside the austrians, other knot through the method of oil painting legal preservation structure has five ways, one is in accordance with the law, adhere to suffer a gift; Buying from the cultural relics resided. Three from the auction of cultural relics auction enterprises purchase; Four is heresy to make whole families all according to law by the cultural exchange with each other or assignment; Five is the rules of rain and snow make other way.
Horse paintings are not raised, the original item to incite the folk cultural relic research, preservation, policy, the moment is to implement to perform, "issued by the" planning "in put forward, set up cultural relic operating subject glad information publicity system and law-abiding and trustworthy" blacklist "planning system, the pace is very good, but be based on social disgrace taking all the warp and woof of oil painting, at present there are still some difficulty.plane in four to five art meters deep painting trenches, handheld detectors art , their exploration painting with each piece art of law, with all my painting heart." This is a reporter art on March 6, downstairs painting in downtown chat all city art ancient east cold painting lane of the oil painting work link exchange scene circumstances.
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