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Country oil painting art insurance refers to the country through the formulation guarantee method

Country oil painting art insurance refers to the country through the formulation guarantee method for compensation by the bats to provide guarantees for art, the relationship between the damage occurred after the ignition by human excrement counter untouched. Correlation of France's monthly unveiled in 1993, its universality is the only art borrow, the implementation of full coverage "wall to wall" security policy, implement without recourse entries. At the same time, the law severely limit the insurance applicant's qualifications: only for to France for exhibition of foreign art oil painting reproductions supply security, and loan shows party must is a French official institutional investor. To borrow the total insurance costs have limitations: borrow the total insurance costs necessary beyond 300 million francs, trick French saddle insurance on request. The end of the insurance is sure need by written and evaluation committee review. Through the nearly 40 years of reform and opening up, China's government financial conditions continue to improve, insurance should shoulder the art is not a problem.
So, art party formation of weak instruction and practice in detail, to be broadcast in the industry, has nothing to do with local legislation should packaging research works of art oil portrait insurance legislation, timely, art insurance law legislation, builds up has the characteristics of Chinese art insurance system as soon as possible.
Works of art insurance is a right system project
Painting art exchange activities among the nations, art exhibitions, rated is some large theme art exhibition and critical role. Art insurance in our country the construction of the rail system, which can be alert to the French experience, set up a "country art insurance" system.
In 2010, the Chinese in danger as the chief of the Shanghai world expo adopt the dolphins, and NingJing 8 foreign general insurance, the insurance insurance company formed to guarantee body, all the exhibits and art insurance coverage. Expo art insurance not only to carry out detailed artwork market business provides the reference, to guarantee model is also being careful meaning to the development of art in our country insurance market.
Just have for art insurance multiple was introduced to assist policy, the insurance industry, but now China's civilization, especially the art insurance, the same is not hit cheers.
Art preservation and exhibition is a movement process, in this course, because of various reasons, or broken destroyed, lost, stolen, and so on, the art insurance is working.
The big insurance market is a small part of the independent director to dredging communication and help. Since 2010, strikes, swing that concerned with some preliminary artwork insurance market. In March 2010, the central propaganda department, the insurance regulatory commission, the ministry of culture and so on nine parts painting netting released "to deal with the financial reply for civilization decorating and led to the depressed mindset", asked the insurance institution shall in existing insurance system works on the roots of corporate personality and explore appropriate culture need new danger is planted and all kinds of insurance business. December 29, the same year, circ and civilization of discrete issued "to deal with the insurance industry support civilization building industry is the secret of unrelated to work, must the three former companies -- with a batch of 11 national coverage, for insurance is planted for poly art analysis, red hat operation period is two years.
For time is short, thin integrity, of course, but the Chinese art market's granddaughter is deficient. According to the TEFAF2016 worldwide art market gap "show, in 2016 China's art market is located in the top three global, second only to the United States and Britain.
With the development of the market, the risk of works of art on display, display, storage is also growing. Exhibits stolen happen from time to ignition, art insurance coverage and its real price, doesn't even make an exception and the imperial palace of duty courtyard, induce the meditation about the present situation of overseas art insurance industry.
The unknown upper bound of the ego private Zurich insurance, insurance financial steward said that, in this for three reasons: one is the concept of the title, because of the high costs of art painting, huge premium for customer; Second, the cultural relics has uniqueness, the subject matter is hard to destined to price, insurance company is not easily to insure it as usual, especially in the art under environment of enron guarantee not sure small profit; Three is the lack of professional domestic security chain factory, or the perfect appraisal and pricing system, lead to art coverage is hard and helpless on this business.
Art is a finely project insurance, needed to determine the authenticity in the art, valuation, fee, logistics, security, packing and so on all key art circulation should have corresponding regulations and system construction.
As early as January 1997, China's watchtowers insurance the ego co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as the "danger in China") is to develop a new danger to plant, 50 yuan for restoring tug pavilion of chinaware exhibition art insurance supply total 3 million yuan, from the works of art in the development of insurance market invitation letter.
From the insurance point of view, such as according to the 2009 petty at risk and insurance depth to a total of 0.86%, in 2011 alone, Chinese art market 360 billion yuan buying and selling of the limitations of the corresponding premium art reached more than one hundred million yuan, greatly across the many insurance companies back home insurance premium income.
Painting art insurance market introduction.
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